unity .unidad

when I speak of unity of love and peace to use natural rersusos is the desire to see a better world for all mankind in all countries world is to have a vision… Continue reading

together .juntos

when all the politicians to get together just to talk about peace and global solutions things arrange to carryout a good in unity for all we are energy a meeting for either unit… Continue reading

love .amor

we are enegia love true if an energy moves slightly imagine many creative minds Creator a well be common in unity for all can greatly influence the planet in humanity many minds united… Continue reading

the mind .la mente

the ability of the human mind is amazing if well used all the creativity of many different serious in all nations and countries .la creativity of the human mind is unlimited when using… Continue reading

planet .planeta

there is enough of everything for humanity to live in perfect world imagines the planet has the ability to maintain backward every living thing on this planet look at nature in all nations… Continue reading

life .vida

Darkness does not exist .lo there is ignorance of not knowing how to think good things for yourself and for the rest .when humans understand that darkness is just ignorance vera fear not… Continue reading

we are .somos

we are in positive changes for society where many changes are taking positive consciousness where we can be the best of ourselves with good thoughts and emotions estamos en cambios positivos para la… Continue reading

the essence .la esencia

the essence of each is therefore create life life in everything we do .eres peace .eres goodness happiness are love you are you’re full health .eres completp .eres love are eternal beauty eternal… Continue reading

the inner . el interior

the inner world of each is rich in creative intelligence of everything good in life if we were smart and good and positive things we all exchange positive thoughts el mundo interior de… Continue reading

see .ves

you’re an all received any of God’s blessings for you and everyone we legally obliged to receive what we sow if we sow love peace creativity is what we will see eres  un… Continue reading