eternal .eterno

infinite eternal I now present is the key to everything good in life lo eterno lo infinito ahora presente es la clave de todo lo bueno de la vida 

new .nuevo

the new earth is its projection on the physical plane .heaven made ​​man in his own image la nueva tierra es su proyeccion el plano fisico .dios hizo el hombre a su imagen… Continue reading

love .amor

the new heaven is the flowering of a transformed state of human consciousness el nuevo cielo es el florecimiento de un estado  transformado de la conciencia humana 

l see heaven .veo el cielo

I see a new heaven and a new earth must understand that heaven is not a place but an internal plane of consciousness veo  un nuevo cielo y una nueva tierra debemos comprende… Continue reading

words .palabras

words is not enough to say what is love within oneself .the words to describe the infinite love las palabras no es suficiente para decir lo que es el amor dentro de uno… Continue reading

dios .god

dios existe el no critica a nadie ni juzga simplemente es en todo lo que existe no hay diferencia para dios lo que uno es el simplemente amar a todos incodicional si juzga… Continue reading

love .amor

Love is the main base of every human being on this planet .when man realizes that everything is so positive change el amor es base principal de cada ser humano en este planeta… Continue reading

unit .unidad

.where are a unit which affects one affects all even poslitico government is one we are all human beings with infinite capacity where the unit is part of everything we are .We parts… Continue reading

many .muchos

many religious principles can binds values ​​for overall solutions also moves these are just an example of change where the world of possibilities there are infinite solutions to improve the stability of both… Continue reading

solution .soluciones

the possibilities are endless for example to do with a open mind there .by companies as German American houses Ecological houses are created with organic materials where raw material from nature use solar… Continue reading