love .amor

love is the most sublime feeling that a human being can feel.’s love is the basis of every being. love is the light that shines in every heart of man when you feel… Continue reading

honor by unit.honor .orden .unidad

capacity building is great. single difference that who wants to build truly who is trained to build an environmental rich in every sense who is able to remember that Mother Earth is a… Continue reading

changes .cambios

there are positive changes currently open today’s world where the possibilities are endless when we are open to new knowledge which gives us new SKYTOP with intelligent beings where the intention is only… Continue reading

pure love .amor puro

life as a whole is pure magnificence in all that exists on this planet look at nature beauty look reflected colored each flower if its delicate scent looks every river in the Mountains… Continue reading

playares .aguilas solares .alto blancos

the intention of our brothers and sister from other planet is a unit of an intention to work together to dialogue valued as you can make a positive change on this planet where… Continue reading

u.s .usa

currently in the U.S. government united state is said to be related to intelligent beings from other good planet is the great question before about doing what needs to be done to improve… Continue reading

today. hoy

in today’s society are seeing changes globally in what is called the aquarium wastalking about positive changes where human beings know that the spark of life is inthis inner spark is if God is love time evolution where the flexibility creativity was added to each construct for a common good his and others en  nuestra sociedad actual estamos viendo cambios globalmente en lo… Continue reading

each .cada

each of us think we are free to be there when we know it is well know that love is all cada uno de nosotros somos libres de piensa de ser existir cuando… Continue reading

am .yo soy

I love life in all its existence love everything I am and I love what I see. walk in love with life love and be loved. feeling that love is everywhere in the… Continue reading

feel .sentir

feel that is here and now to be happy. joy is an important key to a magnificent life sentir que esta aqui y ahora para ser feliz  .alegria es una clave importante para… Continue reading