Magnificent being – Eres un ser magnifico

Be aware that you are a magnificent being of love filled life of peace and harmony which is within you, realize that being here on this planet only to realize that every experience makes you better if the choice you have is correct, when you know the freedom that God has given you is to make you aware that every experience if you see her with love with really positive that you are a magnificent being who is here to be happy with the whole existence of this planet.
Toma conciencia que eres un ser magnifico lleno de amor lleno de vida de paz y armonia que esta dentro de ti, toma conciencia que estar aqui en este planeta solo para darte cuenta que cada experiencia te hace mejor si la eleccion que tienes es la correcta, cuando sabes que la libertad que Dios te ha dado es para que tomes conciencia que cada experiencia si la ves con amor con positividad veras que eres un ser magnifico que esta aqui para ser feliz con toda la existencia de este planeta.