Leonardo da Vinci

LEONARDO METHOD: IN THE LIFE OF ALL PEOPLE ARE times when we feel blocked and do not know which path to follow is when we lose sight entoces OUR POSSIBILITIES AND ANXIETY GENIUSES assaults us as strong as DA VINCI LEORNADO ALSO HAVE PASSED THIS SITUATION The Florentine EVEN GIVES A REMEDY TO BREAK THESE STATEMENTS AND RECOVER creativity and freshness.

OCCASIONALLY go for a walk and relax a little safe when you come back to your work your judgment will be more accurate because when ABIDE constantly at the task,


When you take a step back,

SEEMS LESS WORK MORE AND CAN EASILY IF A disharmony or we apply this counsel to our daily lives,


For example here in Barcelona there are beautiful parks full of green PLACES MAGIC FLOWERS OF BELLA VISTA BE NICE WORK WITHOUT PAUSE TENSION not very creative, take a break OR THAT IS ONLY 5 MINUTES TO BE MORE CREATIVE ENOUGH, BE WELL WITH YOU SAME

give this respite is yours The field rests from a larger crop Heed this will suit much better all