choose .escojer

must choose your own path the path that leads to the fullness and freedom debes escojer tu proprio camino el camino que conduce a la plenitud y libertad Advertisements

you are .tu eres

not judging you are the molding and shaping your own destiny no juzgarte tu eres el que moldey dar forma a tu proprio destino


only become aware of the true and noble love divine toma conciencia solo de lo verdadero y amoroso noble divino 

thanks .gracias

give thanks for all is a wonderful way to this in harmony das las gracias por todo lo que tienes es una manera de esta positivo 


the law of life is love la ley de la vida es amor 

think .piensa

think positively and see a positive world piensa de manera positiva y veras un mundo positivo 

together .juntos

together we are able to build both the unity of all forces make to build a positive environment for the common good of all juntos tenemos capacidad de construir tanto la unidad de… Continue reading

pure gold .puro oro

pure gold is the intelligence of a human being who has the ability to create a creative mind el oro puro es la inteligencia  del ser humano que tiene la capacidad de crear… Continue reading

we are .somos

the possibilities of the unit is unlimited we are intelligent beings can all be improved with minds together to build a better world healthier planet la posibilidades de la unidad es ilimitada somos… Continue reading

one family .una familia

are one family in one heart we .when energy is the energy of build large possibility to build is unlimited somos una familia en uno solo corazon  somos energia  .cuando la energia de… Continue reading