mind .mente

 whatever your conscious mind assumes and believes to be true .your subconscious mind to accept and I just take cualquier cosa que tu mente consciente asuma y crea que es verdadera .tu mente… Continue reading

198 governments .198 gobiernos

I have written the 198 governments around the world talking about political unit and drive unit religions organizations have opened my heart to each .de I see solutions for a healthier planet and… Continue reading

we can .podemos

many of the situations that happens is only for lack of intelligence can predict things before they happen governments and politicians have someone studying everything that happens before the world. unity among all… Continue reading

no limit .no limite

There is no limit to what you want when you want to build can be built in unit with some intelligence dialago and do get unlimited solutions everywhere no existe limites para lo… Continue reading

many more .hay muchos

there are many more resources than you think in all parts of this planet looks lands if used in many of the countries where they use them to do if they could politicians… Continue reading

many .muchos

look in many countries where the fruit falls from the trees before reaching other countries with some intelligence there are many solutions of all kinds to improve the quality of life on this… Continue reading

the unity .la unidad

the unity of all governments can improve many situations can improve stability in many countries la unidad de todos los gobiernos puede mejorar muchas de las situaciones puede mejorar las estabilidad en muchos… Continue reading

intencion .intencion

the intention behind everything is love. creativity is also love constructive things when we want things constrictive for a common good la intencion detras de todo es el amor  . creatividad esta el… Continue reading

unit .unidad

force the unit to do together to build an enabling environment and rich at the same time for all la unidad hacer la fuerza  para construir  juntos un medio ambiente favorable y rico… Continue reading

love amor

love make us do the drive where the intention is for all el amor nos hacer  hacer la unidad donde la intencion es de todos