meditate .meditar

meditate on what you can do better for you and the planet have talents that the world expect .meditar teach what you do best to teach others we are creative meditar en lo… Continue reading

better every day ,mejor cada dia

everything is better every day just so happiness achieved it every day tod .all we do best if we clear .el be best for you will be best for others too se todo… Continue reading

eye of love .ve con los ojos del amor

seen through the eyes of love when you see the world through the eyes of love everything can change for the common good ve con los ojos del amor  cuando veas el mundo… Continue reading

vibration .vibracion

vibration of universal love we give them energy to expand in love peace harmony balance is a Responsibility of all somos vibracion de amor universal  dar  de ellos para que la energia expandir… Continue reading

unique .unico

We are unique beings with unique talents hoping we can give humanity .Each one has a talent to give the world somos seres unicos con talentos unico esperando que podamos dar a la… Continue reading

when .cuando

when we all meet in .el world peace will be a safe place everywhere when we are alone meets an energy vibration energy moves .a nation in peace .Many countries meeting peace a… Continue reading

l am .yo soy

the great presence that you’re here now .this in the presence of God in your soul realize that when I say I’m happy is sending a message to the universe that this happy… Continue reading

integrity .integridad

integrity when you’re .Complete I integrate yourself with everyone you’re a shining being cluttered good look inside you see that is so la integridad cuando eres integro contigo mismo eres integro con todo… Continue reading

words .palabras

the words we speak have power .si positive we will see a positive world amalibidad talk to other las palabras tiene poder  .si hablamos positivo veremos un mundo positivo hablar con amalibidad a… Continue reading

see .ves

see with the eyes of love all that is just so very much that the world is magic ver con los ojos del amor  todo lo que existe solo asi veras que el… Continue reading