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Solo el amor – Only love

Only love is the basis of everything that exists on this planet, we all have the ability to love life everywhere watch the world with love reflected in the world love you too.… Continue reading

Si te amas lo suficiente – If you love enough

If you love enough that this love is reflected in your world, love for all the world to see this love within you shine to the world, love to love everyone you encounter… Continue reading

Every time – Cada vez

Every time you think of something positive thinking, you are making the positive energy expand everywhere. When you look at something that is positive can send love to all people or just think… Continue reading

Love – Amor

Love is the foundation that exists in all that is in the world, love is the key to the unity of all mankind. When man understands that everything that exists on this planet… Continue reading

Religion is important – La religion es importante

In our society we know that religion is important to mankind in various cultures each has a different way of seeing God, truth, right now in our present society if all religions of… Continue reading

In our history – En nuestras historia

In our history there have been many men and women with a great love for all humanity, these people have left a single message of love, peace and unity of all is the… Continue reading

Each country has something positive to share – Cada pais tiene algo de positivo para compartir

Each country has something positive to share with another in both history and language and culture. Each ruler has something positive to another ruler in order intercmabio life is a creative ideas and… Continue reading

choice .eleccion

we are all aware of the negative and positive we are able to know to have a choice of what you want is important to unify all the evil and good is just… Continue reading

whint love .con amor

I mean that I love you with all my heart I mean that you are the most magnificent being on this planet who are the love of his essence that I mean that… Continue reading