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We all – Todos somos

When all mankind shall be drop your ego self is when we will be able to be one at all in any sense, think of others and in yourself. Loving your enemy is… Continue reading

Ecological cities – Ciudades ecologicas

Ecological Cities can be a practical solution for the welfare of many families in all countries, because there are many countries that have land that is protected by the government without use, among… Continue reading

All nations – Todas las naciones

The stability of all nations and all countries is mainly in the hands of all governments and their political puppets are intelligent people no time is time that we all join in a… Continue reading

WE – Somos

We are all important, no one is insignificant, we are all part of life on the planet, just your choice of love all around us makes us see life in a different way.… Continue reading

The goal – La meta

The goal of each human is personal fulfillment and the realization of their dreams, for this we must have the will, faith and hope to achieve what you want, if the desire is… Continue reading

Saw the magical world – Veías el mundo mágico

When you see the world as a child sees it know that possibilities exists everywhere, you know that life is much easier to understand, adults do not have time to be happy is… Continue reading

God exists – Dios existe

For ever and ever God exists and is everywhere on the planet, God wants unity of all his children to do so he created the entire universe for humanity enjoyment of life. Currently… Continue reading

Each human – Cada ser humano

The tenderness of each human being there, when you look beyond all that is be patient when interacting with the world around us, be kind to ourselves and others, when someone says something… Continue reading

Resources – Recursos

The resources of mother earth always exist and will exist only the unity of all governments and improving the quality of life of its people, giving them the resources to feel good about… Continue reading

you are .tu eres

you are a loving divine intelligence for this well with everything around you be all you can be more magnificent looks at life with joy really love that everything is a reflection of… Continue reading