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Global change – Cambios globales

There is a possibility of global changes for humanity, I think many of us who live on the planet we are ready for global change for all, back light that dwells within each,… Continue reading

Cause and effect of human beings – Causa y efecto del ser humano

If you realize everything happens in the world is only for cause and effect of human beings. If you stop a second to really think that the world clock on the planet when… Continue reading

Respect for divine power – Respecto por el poder divino

Honour to God and his teachings, honor life, honor by this power that created everything that exists on this planet earth. Nobody on this planet has as much power as the creator, life… Continue reading

All the foundations – Todas las fundaciones

Foundations All nations can make a global change for humanity. The solution is not to give a ball to a child in Africa to play, if the unit looking to give all these… Continue reading

Love is the way – Solo el amor

Only love, unity and the will is the solution to everything that happens on the planet. Love is the force that moves mountains, the will is what makes climbing the highest mountain on… Continue reading

Emotions – Las emociones

Emotions misused human being is like a dark cloud, as the thoughts of every human being.     Las emociones  mal usadas del ser humano es como una nube  oscura, como los pensamientos… Continue reading

Respect animal life – Respetar la vida animal

Everywhere in the world there are a variety of animal species disappear disrespect for animal life. We humans have a responsibility to respect animal life and protect their cardholder natural. We are human… Continue reading

Together we can protect – Podemos juntos proteger

Together we can protect the innocence of all children of the nations, they are our teachers. Learning from each child on this planet, they are young teachers for adults, they can see only… Continue reading

All that human eyes see – Todo lo que los ojos humanos no ven

All that human eyes see not present in nature itself, if you realize that the air is really invisible, right? is also visible to human eyes water, right? when it freezes is transparent… Continue reading

Intelligence and power – Inteligencia y poder

Power without intelligence is a mess. The unit prevents some other yahoos used the power to destroy … not knowing that the power that created all that exist on this planet sees everything… Continue reading