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We all have – Todos tenemos

We all have a gift this gift is the mind of each, do things that make you happy and create with your mind magnifies is the most appreciated gift of human beings, is… Continue reading

When you think – Cuando piensas

When you think you need and what you will see miracles happen in your life. When you say I need this or that is wrong, if you think I want, just do not… Continue reading

Nature – Naturaleza

All nature is pure universal energy unit that gives us a great example to all. All existence is a reason, the seeds are sown in the fields without the man soweth, fertile month… Continue reading

Love – Amor

The universe creator of all that exists is all love, there are moments in life when you are without faith do not give up to sadness, just trust and surrender to the love… Continue reading

The universe – El universo

In the universe there is a law that governs all life everywhere on the planet and is everywhere, but you do not realize this law exists in every plant, every butterfly, every flower… Continue reading

Time for an coffe – Hora de un cafe

Have a coffee with yourself is to review some of the aspects of life that at some point you do not realize that existed in your life. If you think about it at… Continue reading

Mother earth – Madre Tierra

The elementals of Mother Earth are very similar, the same body of humanity in the same way that they have life all mankind have life, the planet has life on this planet every… Continue reading

Every day is great – Todos los días son magníficos

Every day is great if you want to be happy just depends on yourself. The now is very important for all mankind the thought that tomorrow or next week will be leaving what… Continue reading

Past – Pasado

Nothing that was the past is the present. When you live this now your world is created, now you can even create your happiness in the now, giving a chance to laugh a… Continue reading

Universe – Universo

The universe and humanity are the same universal energy, the only difference is that if you feel divided the universe of life that I’ll be reflecting on life, feeling one with the universe… Continue reading