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only love .solo el amor

man is the only creation of God on this planet galaxies stars are there other life exists throughout the universe. intelligent life that is waiting for humans to understand the true love harmony… Continue reading

that .darte

realize that you have so many things to be grateful that the complaint if you awakens for the moring with this alive joy to learn something new in life and looks magnificent life… Continue reading

miracles .milagros

will do miracles in the life of a human being when you will have hope when you have faith hope faith when you know that miracles can happen in your life. the greatest… Continue reading


authentic human wealth is in all daily living skills learn to be more humble about his neighbor learns this in harmony with life so thank you to life every second to appreciate the… Continue reading

Each country has something positive to share – Cada pais tiene algo de positivo para compartir

Each country has something positive to share with another in both history and language and culture. Each ruler has something positive to another ruler in order intercmabio life is a creative ideas and… Continue reading

Positive – Positividad

Your mind is infinite intelligence if these positive thoughts can create anything you want, positive thoughts take shape if you are able to think only positive things in your life who wants to… Continue reading

We all have – Todos tenemos

We all have a gift this gift is the mind of each, do things that make you happy and create with your mind magnifies is the most appreciated gift of human beings, is… Continue reading

The birgger – Cuanto mas grande

The bigger your problems greater the chance you have to show that you are a Mr. Napoleon or Genghis Khan‘s spirit is the nobility of your own life. There are so many opportunities… Continue reading

Give thanks for all – Dar las gracias por todo

Give thanks for all that life gives you, no matter where you are or what your life, giving thanks is to be in harmony with all that exists in your world. No one… Continue reading

The unlimited spiritual power – El ilimitado poder espiritual

That says our inside as you progress through the various and winding paths of life, first checks the path that leads you to God, enlightened rivers of India gave us methods that stood… Continue reading

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