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Let’s look at news – Dejemos de mirar noticias

Let’s look at news that contribute nothing to society, when you look at something that is not correct are giving power to the mismatch. When we see how to create a constructive idea… Continue reading

Love is the force that binds every human being on this planet – El amor es la fuerza que une cada ser humano en este planeta.

Love is the force that binds every human being on this planet. Love is a high vibration that reaches all parts of the world, when you’re in love becomes aware that all hearts… Continue reading

Gratitude is a magic word – La gratitud es una palabra mágica

Gratitude is a magic word that makes it possible to love someone to be grateful too. Be aware that a word can be very important when doing this to other gesture of gratitude’re… Continue reading

Use your energy – Usar bien tu energia

Use your energy to be well sar is your energy to be happy, use your energy to be in vitality as well be the opportunity you are giving others are well. We are… Continue reading

Light within you – Eres luz

Be aware that you light and this light within you is is just a love that resides in your heart where the love life just this light increases inmesamente increasingly making it big… Continue reading

Thanks for what you are – Da las gracias por lo que eres.

Every human being is a magnificent being to think that everything, every human being has an intelligence that leads them to use their creativity, whatever their talent to write, paint, sing, design. This… Continue reading

peace .paz

the love of all is the drive to make our planet a home for all to be able to be aware of all the unit can make positive changes for everyone. el amor… Continue reading

gate .puertas

the unity of all is the gate of peace on the planet at once is a wide door if limits creative intelligence when an entire nation to unite in one cause the planet… Continue reading

the unity . la unidad

the unity of all intelligent human beings on this planet can carry out a positive change for all the nations of this planet where man realizes that the unity of all is the… Continue reading

The unit is the wide gate among all solutions – La unidad es la puerta ancha de soluciones entre todos

The human capacity building is infinite, the unity of all is the gate of the stability of our planet and humanity, in every human being there is a cream creativity that God has… Continue reading