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You – Tu

He who knows that God is planting this harmony harmony just knowing that we are all one. God loves us all equally and know what each son and daughter have in your heart.… Continue reading

Being open – Al estar abierto

Being open to goodness, to build we are given a chance to other more evolved beings to join us hecer all the good for all, be aware that an attitude of building, know… Continue reading

Let’s look at news – Dejemos de mirar noticias

Let’s look at news that contribute nothing to society, when you look at something that is not correct are giving power to the mismatch. When we see how to create a constructive idea… Continue reading

There are many alternatives everywhere – Las alternativas son muchas en todas partes

There are many alternatives everywhere, enough resources, enough trained to improve the economic system and the social life everywhere people. Alternatives changes are limitless when we all take the same word is unity,… Continue reading

Love is the force that binds every human being on this planet – El amor es la fuerza que une cada ser humano en este planeta.

Love is the force that binds every human being on this planet. Love is a high vibration that reaches all parts of the world, when you’re in love becomes aware that all hearts… Continue reading

Atlantis exchanging – la Atlántida

Man can live in harmony, if you see beyond the veil of time is aware that other ancient civilizations such as Atlantis exchanging them were wise and wise technological knowledge for the good… Continue reading

Magnificent being – Eres un ser magnifico

Be aware that you are a magnificent being of love filled life of peace and harmony which is within you, realize that being here on this planet only to realize that every experience… Continue reading

The true – La verdad

The real intelligence of every human being is to love life in all its aspects when love everything you are and everything that exists on this planet know that God is in everything… Continue reading

I wish a happy 2014 – l whish you Yo deseo un feliz 2014

I wish a happy 2014 to all mankind everywhere on this planet that the seed of peace love, happiness is the glow-in-all ricones the planet, that the happiness of being and existence is… Continue reading

Gratitude is a magic word – La gratitud es una palabra mágica

Gratitude is a magic word that makes it possible to love someone to be grateful too. Be aware that a word can be very important when doing this to other gesture of gratitude’re… Continue reading